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Founder & Executive Director

People always ask me “where did you study yoga?” The short answer is “At Southwest Institute for Healing Arts in Arizona”. The long answer is this:

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Our Team

Team of Prafull Oorja

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Trustees & Advisors

Meet Our Trustee & advisor Members
Kishore Kaushal, Prasanna Rajan,
Kala Dharmarajan, Nelson Vinod Moses,
Santhi Karamchetti

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Partners of Prafulloorja

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Sponsors & Support Organizations

Sponsors & Support Organizations of prafulloorja

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Our Programmes


In our uBloom classes, our main goal is to be present with each child and support them in their needs. We alter the yoga therapy practices to meet the children in each class, in the moment. Our classes are fun and engaging. We also train the school teachers and parents to practice at home or regularly at school. Children can also practice at home using our YouTube videos.

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uRise – Yoga for empowerment

Through uRise, we reach out to rural communities, prisons, bus driver and auto driver unions, and low-income communities. uRise Yoga for Empowerment brings yoga workshops and teacher trainings to rural villages and under-resourced communities.

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Prafull Oorja trains yoga teachers to work with under-resourced communities. We also organize topically-related events for the general community

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uEvolve Products

Yoga Bag


Tibetian Singing Bowls


Eye Pillows


Cotton Yoga Mats


Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Support Us

Prafull Oorja would love to connect with you as a yoga teacher, volunteer, intern, private donor, or corporate sponsor.

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To donate, kindly send us an email, letting us know how you would like to contribute. We would be happy to meet with you regarding the same.

Teach yoga with us !

Prafull Oorja is always looking for passionate, loving individuals who have finished a Yoga Teacher Training, to join the team. Yoga teachers will be required to attend a uBloom Level 1 training or uRise training.

Volunteer with us !

Interns can join Prafull Oorja for 3-6 months to support with social media and digital marketing, blogging and communications, organizational management and development, product marketing and business development, as well as other opportunities.

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