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A Prafull Oorja teacher had been teaching at a special needs school for 2 years. She was supposed to swap to another location the following year. She had not yet informed the current institution.

Meanwhile, there was a 13-14 year old boy with autism, stood at the back of the room or walked around, never once sat down or participated in the sessions. On the last day of her teaching, he sat down and did every pose perfectly. It was a surprise for Suma – as it was almost like a gift to her. She had seen this child not doing anything; she was okay with it because Prafull Oorja teaches “acceptance and empathy”.

The teacher thought she had not done anything to help this child, but on her last day, because of acceptance, somehow he understood she was leaving and decided to give her a parting gift by sitting down and participating throughout the session. A few months later, the new teacher started adding more interactivity and games in the sessions. It turns out that’s exactly what the boy was looking for!

-Suma, Sangha Member