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Sandhya Sharad
Samiksha Foundation, Partner NGO

When children with cancer are able to visualize their situation through the calming methods of Yoga, Creative visualization, guided meditation, half their battle with their cancer is won. We have seen over many years of this attempt, first under the guidance of Swami Yogaratna Saraswati and then through the Prafull Oorja Teachers, that there are infinite possibilities in the healing and acceptance for these children and caregivers through this focused method. Creative visualization empowers them and Yoga gives them strength and hope in the most difficult of times. I hope that teams like Prafull Oorja are able to build these strengths in society. It's much needed.

Sangha Member

Prafull Oorja - a source of inspiration and opportunity to open your eyes and mind to differently abled children. Prafull Oorja - where even the tiniest bit from you goes a long way enriching the lives of children.

Sangha Member

After completing my formal Yoga Teacher Training, working with Prafull Oorja helped me discover my passion for teaching yoga to children and adults with special needs.     Yoga truly is for everyone, and Prafull Oorja’s mission to make Yoga accessible to everyone is a mission I carry with me as I continue my journey teaching yoga at home in Canada. Seeing each student connect with yoga in different ways and making developmental strides at their own pace is selfishly gratifying, immensely humbling and constantly leaves me in awe. The work Prafull Oorja does across India to make yoga accessible to so many underserved communities is not just heartwarming, it’s extremely impactful and helps the individuals in these communities develop their skill-sets and reap the benefits of yoga that a lot of us take for granted. I am always grateful that I began this journey with Prafull Oorja.

AMC Students and Parents

“I enjoy yoga classes in school”- Chinmayee “I am doing yoga at home as my school is closed. I like ‘tree pose”- Jeevitha Bai RN “I am very happy that my child is given yoga training at her school. She practices it daily at home. Even during the lockdown due to Covid 19, as she couldn’t go outside, she did few asanas daily at home. This is making her stay fit and healthy.”- Gayathri R.N (Parent of beneficiary.)

AMC Bangalore
Partner NGO

The beneficiaries at AMC are undergoing yoga training through Prafull Oorja. Weekly once the classes are being conducted at the campus.   The following have been observed: The children and young adults enjoy the format followed by them, the way the yoga asana are accompanied by a song. Therefore, even though the children are not able to learn or pronounce the name of the asana they are able to connect with them with the name of the song. For eg: “Tree pose, crocodile pose,” From last one year with the practice of yoga the beneficiaries have been calm and are actively participating in the sessions. Even when the pandemic hit and the schools were shut down, the beneficiaries continued to practice yoga at home.

Sangha Member

I am so grateful to have met Sowmya and be part of the wonderful team of Prafull Oorja in Bangalore. They are all great yogis and yoginis full of Love, Energy and Creativity teaching yoga in a lot of schools for children with need in India.     I was teaching yoga in Serene institution for Autistic Care in Bangalore. I was so happy to see how they improved and loved Yoga. Unfortunately I had to leave India and come back to France where I am still teaching yoga in a school for Autistic children. I feel so happy to share my experience with these French children. It is amazing how they relav and improve each time. Their parents are so impressed. I ❤️ yoga and Prafull Oorja!