Celebrating International Day of People with #ThisAbility!

By Tejal Shukla - December 3, 2017


December 3 is proclaimed as the 'International Day of people with Disability' by the General Assembly of UN since 1992. Each year the UN announces a theme to observe the day. The theme for this year is 'Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all'. The overarching principle of this theme is to 'leave no one behind' and empower people with disability to be active contributors of society. It is based on the transformative changes envisaged. 

Countries all around the world celebrate this day by conducting many kinds of events like Marathon, Walkathon, Art and cultural exhibitions and more. We at Prafull Oorja would like to celebrate this day by appreciating and participating in a commendable initiative called "#Supporticon". 

#Supporticon campaign was initiated in year 2016 on 3rd Dec on the occasion of the International Day of people with disabilities. The founders of this campaign are Mr. Rathish P Subramaniam and his wife Mrs. Geetha VM who are proud parents of a special child, master Om R.S. With a great and consistent support from Edventure Academy, a school catering to special needs children run by Mrs. Santhi Karamcheti, #Supporticon campaign has been successful to change the perception of the masses towards the people with special needs. The perfect combination of good intention, creativity and vision has made #Supporticon an awareness drive utilizing the immense power of social media and latest trends of using emoticons to express the emotions. #Supporticon is a symbol with two-sided smiley which in my vision is a reflection of goodness. When you share a smile, you receive a smile in return. 

This year they have come up with an initiative called #ThisAbility. The message is very simple but profound. This hashtag is to recognize the abilities in the people with special needs. #Supporticon and #ThisAbility is trying to spread the awareness that people with disabilities may be DIFFERENT BUT NOT LESS. In this campaign they have asked people to draw or write something about the abilities of the differently abled people. #ThisAbility is an initiative to bring out the change in the perception and also giving people a platform to share their positive visions for the people with special needs showcasing their talents and abilities instead of having a sympathetic approach. Know more about the campaign here https://www.facebook.com/supporticon/

Asking about the response for #ThisAbility, Mrs. Geetha said, “This campaign got empathy injected into the minds of many young children. Many parents were happy that, this experience exposed their children to disability; a topic they never would have taught them. It’s great to see that kids visualize the special children as super heroes and that makes them Super kids themselves. One child had a brilliant idea of having an amusement park which is wheelchair friendly which shows how deeply empathetic our children are and at such high level they want all the special kids to have equal rights for not only education but also little joys of life! 

We thank and support, #Supporticon and #ThisAbility campaign. We request all of you to use these hashtags on various platforms and help in spreading the message of equality and equanimity. 

Please know more about #Supporticon and #ThisAbility from this video https://youtu.be/NRRyWzmmNU0

We as yoga lovers would like to insist every special child to learn yoga and meditation to enhance the abilities they already have in them. A great yogi and Sage -- Maharishi Ashtavakra was born with eight different types of deformities in his body, but was the most enlightened soul who gifted the world the highest knowledge of existence in the form of "Ashtavakra Geeta".  

Learned is the man who sees everyone as a soul and not a body ~~ Ashtavakra Geeta 

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