International Yoga Day!

By Abby Avallon - June 21, 2018

International yoga day! It is the day that celebrates a practice and lifestyle that signifies self love, being one with the divine and union. Unity of the mind, body and spirit through ancient teachings that guide our physical movement (asana), while connecting with the breath (pranayama) to create even flow. Yoga truly is just the essence in which we make the changes we desire to have in our lives.

Simply being mindful and present is yoga. Being aware and conscious, viewing humans as a collective (Sangha) can also be considered yoga. How we show up in our physical practice can always be different. It is yoga to honour where our body is always at and it doesn’t require us to be hard on ourselves. The practice invites us to release judgment and replace it with self love and an open mind to what feels right in the moment. We bring light to the use of the breath in our practice in order to establish clarity and stillness in the mind. Our breath becomes the steering wheel of our ship we sail through life. When we bring awareness to it, it navigates us, keeping us calm in the rough seas and requiring us to pay special attention to the direction we are always going. As true unity becomes formed, the mind is still and present and the body movement is in energetic motion. With that, we create an established connection between heaven and earth, the divine.

Yoga is one that focuses more on the mind then anything. Using the tools of the body and the breath we become capable of cultivating synchronicity internally and within our lives. As humans, we come up against and deal with all kinds of obstacles that could be considered a setback. Yoga helps us understand that our mind and body can be trained to respond to life situations differently. Our perspective shifts and we begin to view negative aspects as positive and it becomes a new beautiful path to be taken. Yoga creates hope and harmony for all people who practice. When we are capable of sitting in a seat of our true selves and able to love ourselves more deeply, we are capable of giving more love to the world around us. It provides unconditional love to ourselves when we are suffering and to the people around us who are suffering as well. Yoga is not just a practice we only use on the mat, but it our lives daily. Yoga is love, forgiveness and compassion. Today is the day to honour the life of yoga, all who are a part of it and anyone who is a witness to it. Namaste!